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Rocky S2V Survival Grenade

Rocky S2V Survival Grenade

#608941 : $18.99

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SURVIVAL Grenade: Mountain Shepherd survival tips and survival essentials


Outdoor Life - Direct Link
"It’s not just another sardine can full of matches and fish hooks"

Soldier Systems - Direct Link
"Finally Available – A Grenade You Can Send Through The Mail"

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Rocky S2V Grenade: This super-compact mini emergency survival kit contains everything from fishing tackle to a fire starter woven up in 10 feet of military-grade cord.

NOTE: This is NOT a TOY


  • Clip this on your person
  • Includes 10' Military Grade 550 cord to lash, tie, pull apart, improvise
  • Mountain Shepherd survival tips can be found on the hang tag - Each footwear and apparel item comes with a Survival Grenade
  • Includes Fire Starter & Tinder - Ignites fast, burns hot
  • Open in case of emergency for a handful of essential tools that are hardest to improvise in the wild
  • SNAP-TIPS - Includes survival tips from Mountain Shepherd


Avid Adventurer

Philadelphia, Pa  3/16/2013

I saw the review on YouTube and thankfully I did because I was going to buy this. This kit needs a lot of work. The Paracord is not 550 cord, nothing to strike the ferro-rod with except a very small knife that will dull the blade if used. Not very well thought out. Good idea but bad product. Check it out on you tube. And if you're a new camper or survivalist then stay away from this product.

Fit: True Pros: The idea of survival gear Best Uses:

Weekend Warrior

TAMPA, FL  12/5/2012

Great Survival Kit Concept.

Clipping this onto by backpack for those emergency situations.

Fit: Big Pros: Great Survival Kit Best Uses: emergency

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Rocky S2V Survival Grenade Rocky S2V Survival Grenade
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