Sparkie™ Fire Starter

The ULTIMATE Quality… When YOUR Life Depends On It! sparkie firestarter in boot

Placed inside each Rocky S2V Substratum Boot (RE007, RE008, RE009, RE010)

  • Includes 2 WetFire™ Tinder Cubes
  • Weighs less than ONE Ounce (0.8 ounce)
  • Length when it’s closed: 2.3” – Small so you can always have it on your person
  • Can be used in all-weather
  • Single-handed operation

Sparkie™ is a one-handed emergency fire starter that generates intense, hot sparks with MINIMAL effort. Sparkie™ is not affected by adverse weather and works even if it get wet. Simply wipe off excess water and strike as normal.
Sparkie™ weighs less than one ounce! fire cubes


  1. Place thumb on word “Push” and press down and forward on the edge of the lip, releasing the spring-loaded spark bar.
  2. Place flat end of Sparkie™ spark bar holder on a hard surface in cleared area at a 75-90 degree angle with spark bar facing away from body. *Force applied at an improper angle may damage or break the bar holder.* Push down on thumb tab with constant medium pressure and plunge the body of Sparkie™ down the spring-loaded spark bar. Initiate a few strikes to remove black oxide coating, exposing bare flint.
  3. Place prepared tinder in cleared fire area. Use Sparkie™ to shower tinder with sparks to ignite fire. (WetFire™ all-weather tinder is recommended).
  4. If you do not have a hard surface, you can light Sparkie™ by holding it in your hand and using your index finger to plunge the spark bar back towards the Sparkie™ body while maintaining pressure with your thumb on the thumb tab.

Care and Maintenance:

When spark bar becomes worn in one area, simply rotate the bar inside the rod holder with your fingers.

Hot sparks can gather on unit when sparked repeatedly. Tap out residue after use. Wipe any residue from spark bar and bar holder before closing.

CAUTION: Sparkie™ generates intensely hot sparks.
Keep away from anything you do not want to burn. Contains flammable solids. Keep away from children. Do not use indoors.